In some scenarios, you will need to update the VoicePing application to get a more stable VoicePing experience and bugless.

We will push the update to the device via TalkieLock and the user will have the update received on their device. In some case, the user needs to take action on the physical device to install the update.

The user can follow all these steps to install the VoicePing update on the device side:

  • Ensure you are currently not inside any app active, please close the app until you see the TalkieLock Main Page.
  • You will see an exclamation mark over the VoicePing App icon or the icon is blurry.
  • Tap the VoicePing App icon, then proceed to tap the "OK" button on the pop-up message.
  • Proceed to tap the "INSTALL" button on the next page once appeared.
  • Wait a while until the VoicePing icon is not blurry anymore or the exclamation mark disappears.
  • Then Open the VoicePing App.
  • The VoicePing is ready to use.

For a clearer guide, please check this video: